Misdemeanor / Felony Records Search

This provides access to the microfilm index of all felony and misdemeanor case files from 1978 to 1998. The case file documents are not stored on-line; rather once you have found the index to the case you want, you will need to come into the Courthouse, to the public records room (Room 101) to view the actual microfilm records.

Select Category

Select a category of index to search. You must select one, and only one, category.
Year and Sequence Number
Optionally, specify a year to narrow the search to records only within that year. Enter the complete four digit year (for example, 1980). You can also specify a sequence number in that year, if you know the number, and are looking for the name(s) involved.
Person’s Name
You may narrow your search by the person’s name. There are several options here:
  1. Look for a match in any part of the person’s full name;
  2. Look for a match in only the person’s first name;
  3. Look for a match in only the person’s last name.
Sort Order

You can determine what order the returned records are displayed in.
Click on the “Search” button to get the list of records. The “Reset” button will clear your search criteria so you can specify another search.